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Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s. is an all-Czech company. We continue a tradition of engineering dating back to 1936. We have years of experience in the development and production of complex injection moulds for plastics or aluminium, as well as foaming moulds.

We are ISO 9001 certified. Everything we do is focused on quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. Highly experienced teams of professionals in all departments aid our pursuit of this goal across the company. Our designers design reliable and robust solutions, our technicians develop optimal manufacturing processes, and our programmers deliver CNC programs that are as productive and precise as possible. Our production workers devote care and skill to every part. This teamwork results in a reliably functioning unit, on-time delivery and a satisfied customer.

We keep up with trends in design solutions and support software, and we use modern high-performance machining tools and precision machining technology. Each component is measured in measuring and control centres.

Since 2010, the plastic moulding shop has been dedicated to the moulding of technical parts for the automotive and electrical industry, and for medical and measuring technology. Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s. has the capacity to provide project execution from the design and production of the mould to the realisation of serial deliveries, including quality servicing of the moulds and any modifications that may be required.

The Energy Section (EgÚ) builds historically on the energy plant of Chotěbořské strojírny from the time it was a state enterprise and the energy plant set up in the mid-20th century by Mr Vilém Eckhardt. Within Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s., EgÚ is an autonomously operating unit.

In the 2021 fiscal year, Chotěbořské strojírny reported sales of CZK 365 million. We have more than 230 employees.

Základní informace

Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s.

RN: 45534519 / VAT number: CZ45534519

Address: Herrmannova 520, 583 01 Chotěboř / map

Tel: +420 569 551 111

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